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"I originally was employed by the school district before Fresh Picks Cafe took over. I have been able to move up the ladder within the company which has been outstanding."

Employee Testimonials


I was working for the existing company when Fresh Picks was awarded the account. I decided to stay. I was a kitchen helper, after a short time I was promoted to the lead cook in our kitchen! I continue to work for Fresh Picks because I love my job. I love to cook and bake, and I love seeing the children every day.

Jackie | Lead Cook | 16 years of service

I started subbing in 2001 and the next year Fresh Picks hired me full time. Since then I’ve worked my way up to the lead position. The job works for me because I enjoy creating with food and making people happy with a good meal or side. I live very close, so my commute is short. I started also because my kids were in school and the hours worked for me, plus having the summers off to care for them. This opportunity works well for me. The location and hours, enough time in the afternoon to make my appointments and now I can spend time with my grandchildren and help my kids. I hope to retire from this job someday!

Paula | Lead Cook | 16 years of service

I originally was employed by the school district before Fresh Picks Cafe took over. I have been able to move up the ladder within the company which has been outstanding. I started as a part-time employee, moved to Site Lead, now I’m Food Service Director of our District. I like the challenges that the job presents. It has helped me grow as a person, and as an employee. I think every day, in every person's life there is something to learn. In this job I learn more every day and challenge myself to keep learning, to be an example to others that determination, and the will to work and go beyond as an employee will benefit you and your employer. I enjoy being employed by Fresh Picks Cafe and hope to continue to flourish within the Company.

Melina | Food Service Director | almost 4 years of service

I liked that Fresh Picks Cafe is a family run company with a close-knit feel - you aren't just a numbered employee, you are a face, a name, a person the management team knows. I love the staff and co-workers, the team loyalty. The district I work in is very close knit and the other FSDs and I have a terrific rapport and help each other every way we can. There is none of the usual "climbing the corporate ladder" mentality that tends to set each division apart like in bigger companies. I continue to work as part of the team because it's a terrific company with a great management team and fantastic employees. The benefit package is very generous, compensation is well within the median salary range for each position and again, that family feel makes coming to work a bit easier every day.

Ali | Food Service Director | 2 years of service

I joined Fresh Picks in 2011 after a 13+ year tenure with a large competitor. I was looking for advancement opportunities. When I interviewed with senior leadership, I quickly realized that these pioneers of Cafe Services had built their careers and company from the ground up. I was excited to be able to provide a quality meals programs in the communities where our own children and children of our front-line employees are served. I enjoy the K-12 work environment. The integrated role of Fresh Picks serving the students in the communities that we manage can make a significant impact on the nutritional needs of the students. I also enjoy spending time with my family during holidays and school vacation and knowing that all other employees in the division and able to do so as well.

Frank | Manager of Training and Nutrition Services | 7 years of service

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