Green Products

If there's one objective most of our cafeteria management clients share, it's running a corporate dining service that's both successful and good for the environment. It's one of our top priorities, too. And from products made from compostable and recycled materials to Energy Star-rated appliances, Café Services offers a full array of eco-friendly solutions that reduce pollution, save landfill space and minimize use of precious natural resources, including:

Paper goods

To preserve our shrinking forests and save on electricity, oil and water, Café Services uses paper products made from recycled, compostable and chlorine-free renewable materials. This is standard practice across our over 150 locations and includes napkins, paper ware, cups, bowls and take-out containers.

Cleaning products

Café Services offers earth-friendly cleaning solutions to all our food service management clients, including institutional cleaners and maintenance products that are also better for human health. All meet the most stringent standards for biodegradability and environmental preservation. Even the containers are made partially from recycled materials. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes our Earth Plus line of cleaning products as a leading earth-safe solution.


To help our cafeteria management clients save on electricity and water, Café Services uses Energy Star-rated appliances whenever possible.