Fresh Picks Cafe-Garden Grow Carts

Café Services loves to use fresh veggies and fresh herbs in the meals that we serve! This year Fresh Picks Café began to pilot a Garden Grow Cart program in schools. To test the new program, Café Services donated garden grow carts, seeds and soil to 25 schools throughout NH and VT. The fourth grade class at Brattleboro Town School is making good use of the Grow Cart and is having fun while learning! Nola the Food Service Director is using the fresh herbs grown in the meals she prepares for students! The fresh cilantro is used in salsa and also used to season roasted red potatoes. Currently the students are growing basil which will be ready for harvest in a few weeks! Fresh Picks Café looks forward to expanding the program next year to more schools in the communities we serve and expanding the knowledge and palates of the students we serve.