Fresh Picks Café Joins Somersworth and Pittsfield, New Hampshire Schools To Teach Kids Fun, Healthy Habits

School Wellness Fairs Focus on Healthy Eating and Overall Well-Being

healthy-habits.jpgLiving a healthy lifestyle is fun. It can taste good, too! That's the lesson Fresh Picks Café is showing kids this spring at wellness fairs sponsored by the Somersworth/Rollinsford and Pittsfield, New Hampshire school communities.

On March 20 in Somersworth, Fresh Picks Café treated about 300 school kids and their families to a hearty, but healthy free dinner at Idlehurst Elementary School. Fresh Picks Café served whole-wheat pasta and marinara sauce with whole-wheat rolls and a fresh, garden salad. To expose kids to healthy snack options, Fresh Picks Café also offered kale chips and sweet potato cake with recipes to try at home.

Showing Kids The Path To A Healthy Future

"School Wellness Fairs are a great opportunity to show parents the healthy food choices we offer their kids and our support for farm-to-school relationships," says Cara Green, a Fresh Picks Café district manager. "We share the belief of many of our customers that teaching kids healthy habits when they're young is the best path to a healthy future."

Other healthy habits encouraged at the Wellness Fairs include regular doctor checkups and vigorous exercise. At the Somersworth/Rollinsford event, a variety of community organizations were on hand to introduce kids to fun physical activities like dancing and karate; and give lessons on nutrition and health.

"Our philosophy at Fresh Picks Café is that kids are more likely to try new experiences when they're fun, or in the case of food, tasty," says Cara. "It's how we do our part to help kids make smart choices for their health."