Monday Is Meat-Free at FreshPicks Cafe

What can schools do just one day a week to improve kids' health AND the environment?

"Serve meat-free meals," says Kenny Torrella, Meatless Monday Coordinator for The Humane Society of the United States.

The Humane Society of the United States is partnering with Café Services to implement Meatless Monday at FreshPicks Café, by providing meat-free recipes that meet national school lunch guidelines and helping promote the benefits. It's one of many organizations leading a popular global movement to create a healthier, greener and more humane world by taking a break from meat once a week.

Meatless Monday is now practiced in 100 schools served by FreshPicks Café and hundreds more across the United States. It's no wonder. As Café Services knows, there's no better place than school to educate students about health and responsible environmental stewardship.

"Café Services has been committed to kids' nutrition and environmental preservation for many years," says Chris Faro, Corporate Resources Director at Café Services. "Meatless Monday ties in perfectly with our efforts to help students make better food choices and eat more locally-grown fruits and vegetables."

What's Good for Health is Also Good For the Environment

The health benefits of limiting meat consumption are well researched. In addition to stemming childhood obesity, it may help prevent diabetes and heart disease. Substituting fresh produce for animal meat products also reduces Café Services' carbon footprint, especially when fruits and vegetables are locally grown.

Today, on any given Monday, at least 50% of FreshPicks Café meals are meat-free. At least one Monday per month, meals are 80% to 100% meatless. Says Chris, "We look forward to increasing the variety and frequency of meat-free meals served at FreshPicks Café as they grow in popularity with kids."