Fresh Picks Café Employees Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries in 2015

As lead cook at Elm Hill Elementary in Springfield, Vermont, Anna Tewksbury knows the school kids by name, and cares deeply about satisfying the students and educators she serves. 

Anna’s dedication and warm, can-do attitude is a trademark of the Fresh Picks Café culture—in particular, the 30 professionals across the company that are celebrating milestone work anniversaries of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years in 2015.

In recognition of her 20 years of service, Anna received an anniversary pin in August from her manager, Kevin Sullivan. She shared the distinction with fellow Springfield associates, Ginette Boissonnault, Rose Bromley and Joan Lewis.

Later this year, Anna, Ginette, Rose and Joan will be recognized at a corporate-wide event honoring all Fresh Picks Café employees celebrating milestone anniversaries.

A company long known for providing excellent customer service, Fresh Picks Café defines itself by employees like Anna, who genuinely love working in a school environment.

“I love my students,” says Anna. “I also love working at a company that really cares about its employees and treats you like a member of the family, not a number.”

Frank Gillespie, Fresh Picks Café Manager of Training and Nutrition Services, believes longevity and service excellence go hand in hand.

He says, “Longevity and tenure often indicate team members with an inherent service spirit, and willingness and ability to adapt. We’re proud to have such dedicated employees throughout our school districts, and we look forward to recognizing them in a more public way.”

A full 113 of Fresh Picks Café’s 450 employees have been with the company five years or more—including the 30 celebrating milestone anniversaries this year. There’s a good chance one or more work at your school. Take a look!

Fresh Picks Café Milestone Anniversary Celebrants

5 Years

  • Michael Armao
  • Colleen Averill
  • Cheryl Bush
  • Linda Carey
  • Kevin Crossan
  • Carole Humes
  • Ruth Jerger
  • Mary Lembke
  • Krystal Mardin
  • Lisa Martel
  • Anton Prikazchikov
  • Donna Riviezzo
  • Lynette Somero
  • Madeline Williams
  • June Wood

10 Years

  • John Ayer
  • Michelle Baron
  • Barbara Butt
  • Robert Davidson
  • Richard Girouard
  • Renee Lynch
  • Diane Macdonald
  • Janet Maguire
  • Dawn Pelletier

15 Years

  • Kelly Shaughnessy
  • Theresa Vesper

20 Years

  • Ginette Boissonnault
  • Rose Bromley
  • Joan Lewis
  • Anna Tewksbury