Power Bowls Make Healthy Choices Easy Choices

Plates are being passed up for bowls as containers for healthy meals at cafes and restaurants across the country. This month, Fresh Picks Café introduced “Power Bowls” at school cafeterias in New Hampshire and Vermont to help kids make healthy food choices.

Power Bowls are a popular way to serve nutritious portions of lean proteins, greens, whole grains, and good-for-you toppings and dressings in one dish. It all gets mixed together in delicious blend of flavor, texture and color — instead of the old-school way of separating ingredients by food group on a plate.

Kids Build Their Own Power Bowls At Fresh Picks Cafe

In Fresh Picks Café cafeterias, kids build their own Power Bowls. The first step is to choose a base from a selection of healthy whole grain like brown rice, barley, lentils or quinoa.

Next, kids move station to station to build up from the base with healthy portions of their choice of greens or cooked vegetables, lean proteins, and low fat dressings. To add a dose of crunch or sweetness to the bowl, kids have the option to top off their meal with a choice of healthy extras like dried cranberries, edamame, roasted chickpeas, or chopped local Maine tomatoes.

Hot Trend On Restaurant Scene Is Creative Teaching Tool At School

Power Bowls are a hot trend on the restaurant scene. But at school, they’re a creative way to teach kids to make smart food choices. Between now and next June, most kids will spend more time at school than anywhere else except home. That makes the Fresh Picks Cafe the perfect place to learn life-long healthy eating habits.

“We’re helping kids kick off the year on a healthy note,” says Stephen Rice, Café Services Director of Culinary.

Fresh, Local Ingredients Play Starring Role In Power Bowls

Rice says that September is a great time to introduce Power Bowls, because during the harvest, schools in New England have a lot of opportunities to feature fresh, locally grown ingredients on their menus.

“The majority of school districts where Fresh Picks Café operates embrace local eating,” says Rice. “Kids want to know where their food comes from. Power Bowls add to the ‘cool’ factor to help us make eating healthy an easier choice.”