Fresh Picks Cafe Food Service Director Named

shelly-leclair.jpgShelly LaClair is "ray of sunshine" to students, staff and families in Barrington, New Hampshire school district.

Shelly LaClair, Food Service Director for the Barrington, New Hampshire school district, believes firmly in giving back to the community in which she works. Her generosity has not gone unnoticed. In March, the Barrington school district named Shelly the 2014 recipient of the annual Champions for Children award.

The Champions for Children award recognizes people committed to enhancing the well being of students and families in the Barrington school district. Usually awarded to educators, the honor was given this year to Shelly for contributions that reach beyond the school cafeteria.

Says Tamara MacAllister, Director of Student Services: "Shelly is sincerely dedicated to expanding our students' interest in nutrition and their culinary horizons in general. She really listens to what students want; and then incorporates their preferences into new and creative food experiences they can't resist trying. One of the drivers of our local Farm-to-School program, Shelly's commitment to using fresh, local ingredients as much as possible is a big benefit to all of Barrington."

Making a Difference Beyond the School Cafeteria
Shelly's enthusiasm and culinary talent enhances life for educators as well. She treats them to coffee, volunteers at the schools' annual dinner show and organizes a yearly cookie swap. Shelly is also a familiar face around town, volunteering meals frequently to a variety of charitable and community-building events.

Shelly's initiative to promote environmental stewardship is valued throughout Barrington. This includes a project to transition the middle school and elementary schools from disposable silverware to real silverware.

But it's not only what Shelly contributes that makes a difference, it's how she does it. "Shelly constantly goes out of her way to make people happy," says Barrington Middle School Assistant Principal, Cheryl Peabody. "She's a ray of sunshine to us all."