Stone Soup at Middlebury Union High School

This year’s Stone Soup Summit and associated school events held at Middlebury Union High School (MUHS) in early April were a great success! The Stone Soup Summit is an annual event with the purpose of uniting education, food, farming and communities in Addison County to strengthen nutrition education programs and Farm to School and other relocalization efforts. It is sponsored by ACoRN (Addison County Relocalization Network) and was hosted by MUHS this year. Fresh Picks Café provided the harvest dinner for the event, as well as participated in the summit. Featured at this year’s summit were multiple workshops and discussion groups, as well as a presentation on the “chick to plate” program, in which Hannaford Career Center is collecting chicks raised in elementary school science classes, raising them, processing them, and then selling the chicken to schools and restaurants to teach students about the entire process of raising animals for the commercial market.