Fresh Picks Cafe Testimonials

Partnering With Schools to Improve Nutrition

"Fresh Picks Cafe' "serves" not only food, it also "serves" as one of our school partners to promote wellness, improve nutrition, increase the standard of quality, and importantly, to also serve as a positive connection to students."

Brenda Needham
Superintendent, Windsor School District

Service, Nutrition and Value

"We depend on our food service vendor to provide nutritionally sound and filling meals at a low cost.  That is a tough balance of priorities and requires the collaboration of the vendor and the school district, with input from parents and students.  We have contracted our food service since 1981 and have worked with a number of national firms.  New England-based Fresh Picks Cafe has proven to be the best."

Steven Hier
Business Manager, Springfield School District Springfield, VT

Dedicated and Professional

"I have utilized Fresh Picks Cafe as a food service management firm for over a decade.  They are extremely dedicated and professional.  The quality of the food and the preparation is excellent.  They have never failed to listen to any concern or to act in the best interest of running a high quality food service program in a public school district."

Keith M. Pfeifer
Superintendent of Schools, SAU #17