Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should my school district consider contracting food service?

A: There are many reasons why contracting food service is a smart decision for a school district. Some of the reasons most often cited by our prospective clients include the need for improved regulatory compliance, higher financial performance and lack of quality in existing programs.

Q: What financial advantages will I gain with Fresh Picks Café?

A: The finance and operational professionals at Fresh Picks Café are experts at operating cost-efficient, financially viable school food service programs. One reason is the substantial cost savings we’re able to realize with our well-managed purchasing program. As a division of Café Services, we enjoy consolidated buying power with big volume purchasing advantages. Our partnerships with local vendors and farms enable us to source top-quality products at more competitive prices than a smaller business entity.

Q: As a Fresh Picks Café client, how much control will I retain over my food service program?

A: School Districts who contract with us tell us that they find they have more control over their food service programs than they did in the past. Rather than dictate how your food service program should be run, we ask you how YOU want it to be run; and then we execute programs that best suit your needs. At Fresh Picks Café, our philosophy is centered on building good relationships with the school community. In our long history in the business, we’ve found that people are pleasantly surprised to learn that we actually listen to new ideas and actively work to find ways to implement them. We also actively solicit feedback on our programs.  

Q: How much control will I have over food services finances, once I become a Fresh Picks Café client?

A: Fresh Picks Café clients find that they have more control and accountability than they did before contracting with our food service program. All of the revenue that your school’s food service program generates (including catering revenue) solely benefits your school district and always remains under school control. Fresh Picks Café handles cash management for your school food service program and provides you with detailed, timely reporting on the financial performance of your program.

Q: From where will the food for our program be sourced? How will it be prepared?

A: Fresh Picks Café prepares food from scratch as often as possible using high quality, local ingredients often bought directly from a farm in your community.  We do all our cooking on site in your district — instead of bringing it in from a factory, catering truck or pizza place down the street. We firmly believe it’s the only way to share our passion for great food in the products we serve you.

Q: What will happen to my existing staff if we contract food services?

A: Quite often, they find that they are happier and more fulfilled with their jobs after the change. Fresh Picks Café is committed to running a food service program that is a part of the community it serves. The best way to facilitate that is to build a staff from current community members, quite often people who already work in your food service program.

Q: How do you improve our new food service program retaining our existing staff?

A: We find that most of the food service programs we are asked to run simply need a better training regimen, higher quality products, and the greater efficiencies and expertise that only an experienced management staff can provide. With our well-developed and field-tested programs, we’re able to put school lunch programs through some pretty impressive transformations. It’s more than what we do. It’s our passion.

Q: How do I learn more?

A: We are always happy to answer questions, put you in contact with happy clients and even arrange a visit to one of our facilities to see the Fresh Picks Café difference in action.