Green Initiatives


Fresh Picks Café is committed to reducing our carbon footprint in the local environment by decreasing our consumption of energy and production of waste.

How we reduce

To minimize our fossil fuel consumption, Fresh Picks Café buys direct from local farmers when we can, and works with regional produce distributors that purchase from local farms. We use Energy Star appliances and LED light bulbs. By using earth-safe cleaning and serving products, we're also able to cut down on paper and water waste as well as air pollution and landfill space.


At Fresh Picks Café, we make every effort to promote reuse wherever and whenever possible, including:

  • Using plates, cups and tumblers made from 96% plant and natural fibers without the use of bleaching or chemicals. These products are completely biodegradable and compostable for reuse in the earth.
  • Composting food waste when possible and offering compost services to locations that want them.
  • Donating food waste to local farmers for reuse in livestock feed and composting.
  • Selling cooking oil waste for reuse as fuel.


Fresh Picks Café makes every effort in our power to recycle used products into new ones. This is how we do our part to prevent the waste of potentially valuable materials while reducing pollution and the consumption of natural resources and energy.

How Fresh Picks Café recycles

  • Using napkins made from 100% recycled materials in all our locations and at all the functions we cater
  • Equipping all Fresh Picks Café cafeterias with recycle bins for all bottles and beverage containers
  • Storing earth-friendly cleaning products in containers made from recycled materials
  • Composting food and other biodegradable waste for reuse in other forms