Health & Wellness Programs

Health & Wellness Programs

Fresh Picks Café is committed to supporting the wellness policies of the school districts we serve. We do it in two main ways:

  • Offering nutrition education programs
  • Partnering with your school community to promote national wellness programs

Nutrition Education

Fresh Picks Café nutrition education includes our Farm Fresh program, where we feature a different fruit or vegetable on our menus every month and promote it in a variety of fun ways in your cafeterias. We use these promotions as an opportunity to educate students on the value of healthy eating. For example, we’ll focus on the importance of eating a healthy breakfast during national breakfast week and the nutritional quality of various cuisines during international month.

National Wellness Programs

Fresh Picks Café partners with your school community to support national wellness programs that emphasize the values of healthy eating, physical activity and nutrition.  We support our clients’ efforts to achieve SNA District of Excellence status. And we organize and engage in events such as Let’s Move, 5-2-1-0, and Fuel Up to Play 60.