Health & Wellness Teams

Health & Wellness Teams

Fresh Picks Café fully supports the health and wellness objectives of your school district by playing a vital role on your wellness committees and food service committees. 

Wellness Committees

Our food service directors actively participate in wellness committee initiatives — often in a leadership role. Some of the ways we provide support include:

  • Building mutually-rewarding relationships between district wellness committees and your food service operation
  • Recommending constructive ways for food service to reach wellness committee goals
  • Helping evaluate and manage the impact of wellness committee decisions on your food service program
  • Sharing wellness committee best practices from other school districts and providing logistics support for the implementation of new initiatives

Food Service Committees

As members of your food service committees, our food service directors provide a direct feedback channel from your school community to Fresh Picks Café decision makers. For us, it’s the best way to get reliable input from students, parents, teachers and administrators on how we can improve food quality and our menus, as well as the variety of our offerings. At Fresh Picks Café, we take your suggestions to heart.