Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Promoting Wellness

The motivating philosophy at Fresh Picks Café is that wellness and good food go hand in hand — especially in education. Our comprehensive, coordinated, pro-active wellness programs promote this belief with an emphasis on fresh and whole wheat foods that are locally grown and produced.

Aligning with Community Objectives

Fresh Picks Café firmly believes that a successful food service program closely aligns with school district objectives and reflects community values. To achieve this, we provide lots of great tools and resources; and we thoroughly engage in all the important initiatives our customers adopt, such as:

  • Actively participating on district committees by regularly attending wellness, PTA/PTO, administration and faculty meetings and school committee meetings when appropriate
  • Providing communications for publish in community, school and district publications to keep families up-to-date on our latest initiatives and successes
  • Actively supporting and participating in school and community activities such as wellness fairs, open houses and special events
  • Communicating information of value to the community in newsletters, press releases and website postings
  • Surveying students to ensure our programs align with our customers’ needs

Encouraging Participation and Improvement

Participation is one of the clearest indicators of long-term food service success. At Fresh Picks Café, we focus on encouraging participation to maximize community satisfaction and financial results. Our winning track record shows: School food service programs perform best when we listen to our customers, provide services that the community values and educate families on the benefits of participating in a quality food service program.