Our Values

Our Values

At Fresh Picks Café, we value our commitment to supporting the health and wellness goals of our school clients above almost anything else. It all starts with our emphasis on fresh, locally grown or produced, and whole wheat foods. And we carry it through in our menus and our methods.

Our Menus

Fresh Picks Café menus feature whole foods prepared on site with minimal amounts of prepared or manufactured foods whenever possible. Whole wheat breads and products are menu staples. We promote and purchase locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables when it’s practical, and we use low and reduced fat products as much as we can.   

Our Methods

Our products and menu selections are thoughtfully chosen to promote wellness, encourage the use of fresh produce and create enthusiasm for healthy eating among students, district administrators and wellness committees. To reinforce these values in your cafes, we feature promotions throughout the school year to maximize school food service participation and community involvement.

Our wellness strategy also emphasizes environmental health. The disposable goods we use in your cafes are mostly compostable, biodegradable and made from recycled products. Fresh Picks Café is a big supporter of local recycling and composting programs. And we work closely with the New Hampshire Farm to School and Vermont Feed programs.